Forest Fox Cubs

We have some new born visitors in our forest club - 5 fox cubs caught on our wildlife cameras.

Please click the here to see the videos on our pre-school facebook page.

May Holiday Club

Forms for the May Holiday Club are now available, please see here for details.

This holiday will be from 25th May to 4th June (including school inset days).

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Click Here for Harlequin Out of School Clubs, for information on breakfast club, after school club and holiday club.

Click Here for Harlequin Forest Pre-School.

Forest Pre-School

Come and join us at Harlequin Forest Pre-School.

Places available now - please click here to see more information regarding Harlequin Forest Pre-School.

One of the many positives is that the children are hungry for knowledge and are excited about learning in their forest environment. We will be operating a traditional style pre-school in the afternoon. Again, funded sessions are available.

We are currently seeking...

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and talented individuals to join our teams to provide the next generation with the real-life skills that they need for life, without them even noticing.

Area Manager

Setting Manager

Forest School Leader



For more information, please contact Alison Payne by email at

What's On

25th May 2018

May Holiday Club

3rd April 2018

Easter Holiday Club

12th February 2018

February Holiday Club

20th December 2017

December Holiday Club

21st July 2017

Summer Holiday Club

26th May 2017

May Holiday Club

3rd April 2017

Easter Holiday Club


10th November 2017

Tunbridge Wells Newsletter

21st April 2017

Newsletter - April 2017

What we do.

Harlequin out of school clubs provide superior and affordable childcare for children aged 2 – 13 years old in their breakfast, after school and holiday clubs based in mid and west Kent. The clubs are open 7.15am – 6.30pm every weekday except bank holidays.

Harlequin’s unique approach fulfils the social, physical and emotional needs of each child as an individual by providing quality care in a happy, safe and fun environment for all children and staff.

We support children to make  their own appropriate decisions and the we discuss the possible pros and cons of that decision so that children are learning to rationalise their decisions and to take safe “risks”. This is a vital skill for children and the current research suggests that children exposed to this type of environment are more fulfilled as teenagers and adults. At Harlequin, we want the children to achieve and succeed but also, more importantly, for the children to feel that they have succeeded. So we guide and support them by step by step and at their own pace, to promote a positive outcome for the child which will positively affect self esteem and confidence.

Through planning and observation, Harlequin develops the social and personal skills of children, maximising their abilities. Harlequin breaks the mould and provides a service that is flexible, innovative and of a high standard, supporting not only the child, but the parents too.

Harlequin knows that happy children equal happy parents.

Ofsted Information

Ofsted describe Harlequin as good (May 2016) at Tunbrisge Wells in our first inspection, and outstanding (February 2013) in all categorys at our Coxheath setting.

Ofsted registration numbers:

EY333465 Coxheath

EY486142 Tunbridge Wells

EY484111 West Borough

EY501163 Forest Pre-School (Tunbridge Wells)

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